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  • In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??, average fixed mortgage rates moved lower after being largely unchanged over the past month, while continuing to help drive the housing recovery leading up to the spring home buying season.
  • While a seller doesn't control the real estate market, his actions can significantly contribute to how long and how much their home is sold for.
  • This time of year love is on the minds of many. For those who are house-hunting, it can be a whirlwind romance that's hot from the minute you see the home's curb appeal.
  • You can fill your flat with stuff you get at bargain prices, if you time your purchases to traditional sales periods.
  • A new study by Eric Spangenberg, dean of the college of business at Washington State University, shows that home aromas may not always produce the expected desire.
  • Home improvements can further boost home values and help sustain both the housing recovery and economic growth.
  • For the first time since the Great Recession, the share of those who say they are hearing mostly good news (25 percent) is a tad higher than those who say they are hearing mostly bad news (24 percent) about real estate values.
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  • In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??, mortgage rates continuing to trend higher amid a growing economy led in part by the recovering housing market.
  • Today, much of the once-private information is now public. So does that mean you can handle the entire real estate transaction on your own? Not likely... especially if you want a highly successful outcome.
  • Preparing to buy a home is a bit like preparing to go on a very long journey...
  • You know how tough it is to qualify for a mortgage. You've fought the good fight, you've run the gauntlet of mortgage qualifications and you have your signature-tired hands on that coveted home loan approval. Now, all you have to do is not blow it.
  • Here's a hot list of cool moves that make your home more saleable, at a higher price.
  • Rents were up for the third consecutive year in 2012, when they rose a bit slower than in 2011, but forecasts call for rent increases in 2013 to match 2012's increases...
  • Before you panic, recognize that there are many things that you can do so you don't wind up in that position.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says, for the week ending Dec. 29, 2012, the proportion of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza was just "below the epidemic threshold."
  • In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??, fixed mortgage rates were virtually unchanged and remaining near their record lows amid growing concerns around the fiscal cliff.
  • In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??, fixed mortgage rates were virtually unchanged and remaining near their record lows amid growing concerns around the fiscal cliff.
  • Low inventory levels are bringing a faster turnaround for today's sellers.
  • With home ownership more tenuous now than in previous years, more and more Americans are living in rental properties, and that means investing in a rental property can be a lucrative venture.
  • Despite record low interest rates and enticing pricing, many potential buyers are delaying the decision to buy. What's keeping you on the sidelines?
  • Sometimes we grow tired of the same old thing and our first instinct might be to move on. That may be the perfect solution but remodeling might also be the answer.
  • Just as your time for showings around the holiday's is limited, so is the time potential buyers have for touring your home. Iif you are serious about moving your home in this season's market you must be willing to be flexible with your time.
  • As we start to prepare for the cold months of winter, many homeowners are taking this time to tackle home improvement projects.
  • In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??, fixed mortgage rates broke their previous average record lows helping to keep homebuyer affordability high.
  • Showing your home has never been easier thanks to today's expert tips. Let's take a look at the top 10 ways to prep your home for a sure-fire sale.
  • Selling a home is a business transaction so understanding how to not get caught up in the emotional turmoil will help you keep your home as a real estate transaction, not an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Putting together a home-buying strategy and then sharing it with your real estate agent will ensure that the clear goals you have will bring you closer to finding exactly what you're looking for and, likely, in a shorter period of time.
  • Moving is frequently cited as being one of life's most stressful events and it's really no wonder why. Here are a few simple ways you can deal with the weight of a move.
  • It's a three-digit number that carries a lot of influence over your future but what exactly is a credit score and what factors contribute to its number?
  • Regardless of if you reduce your bills through paying them down or other "debt relief options" iit is more important for you to use some strategies, that are ultimately going to help with elimination of the debt problems from the root.
  • Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey??. Evidence that the housing crisis didn't scare americans off home ownership and more...
  • You may wonder what these very practical tasks have to do with emotions. Take the time to prepare for the selling process.
  • Are you in the market to buy, but are limited by certain financial restrictions?
  • Wondered what it takes to get more showings and to finally seal the deal?
  • There are more expenses to buying a house than just the monthly mortgage payment....
  • The front porch is one of the first areas buyers will see; so make it leave a positive memorable impression.
  • Forget Cost Vs. Value, Homeowners Use Improvements To Pump Up Style, Not Equity.

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